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ltc_math_descriptor Struct Reference

#include <tomcrypt_math.h>

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Detailed Description

math descriptor

Definition at line 19 of file tomcrypt_math.h.

Public Attributes

int(* add )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
int(* addi )(void *a, unsigned long b, void *c)
int bits_per_digit
int(* compare )(void *a, void *b)
int(* compare_d )(void *a, unsigned long n)
int(* copy )(void *src, void *dst)
int(* count_bits )(void *a)
int(* count_lsb_bits )(void *a)
void(* deinit )(void *a)
int(* div_2 )(void *a, void *b)
int(* ecc_map )(ecc_point *P, void *modulus, void *mp)
int(* ecc_mul2add )(ecc_point *A, void *kA, ecc_point *B, void *kB, ecc_point *C, void *modulus)
int(* ecc_ptadd )(ecc_point *P, ecc_point *Q, ecc_point *R, void *modulus, void *mp)
int(* ecc_ptdbl )(ecc_point *P, ecc_point *R, void *modulus, void *mp)
int(* ecc_ptmul )(void *k, ecc_point *G, ecc_point *R, void *modulus, int map)
int(* exptmod )(void *a, void *b, void *c, void *d)
int(* gcd )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
unsigned long(* get_digit )(void *a, int n)
int(* get_digit_count )(void *a)
unsigned long(* get_int )(void *a)
int(* init )(void **a)
int(* init_copy )(void **dst, void *src)
int(* invmod )(void *, void *, void *)
int(* isprime )(void *a, int *b)
int(* lcm )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
int(* modi )(void *a, unsigned long b, unsigned long *c)
void(* montgomery_deinit )(void *a)
int(* montgomery_normalization )(void *a, void *b)
int(* montgomery_reduce )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
int(* montgomery_setup )(void *a, void **b)
int(* mpdiv )(void *a, void *b, void *c, void *d)
int(* mul )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
int(* muli )(void *a, unsigned long b, void *c)
int(* mulmod )(void *a, void *b, void *c, void *d)
char * name
int(* neg )(void *src, void *dst)
int(* read_radix )(void *a, const char *str, int radix)
int(* rsa_keygen )(prng_state *prng, int wprng, int size, long e, rsa_key *key)
int(* rsa_me )(const unsigned char *in, unsigned long inlen, unsigned char *out, unsigned long *outlen, int which, rsa_key *key)
int(* set_int )(void *a, unsigned long n)
int(* sqr )(void *a, void *b)
int(* sqrmod )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
int(* sub )(void *a, void *b, void *c)
int(* subi )(void *a, unsigned long b, void *c)
int(* twoexpt )(void *a, int n)
int(* unsigned_read )(void *dst, unsigned char *src, unsigned long len)
unsigned long(* unsigned_size )(void *a)
int(* unsigned_write )(void *src, unsigned char *dst)
int(* write_radix )(void *a, char *str, int radix)

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