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int(* ltc_cipher_descriptor::ecb_encrypt)(const unsigned char *pt, unsigned char *ct, symmetric_key *skey)

Encrypt a block

ptThe plaintext
ct[out] The ciphertext
skeyThe scheduled key
CRYPT_OK if successful

Definition at line 358 of file tomcrypt_cipher.h.

Referenced by cbc_encrypt(), cfb_decrypt(), cfb_encrypt(), cfb_setiv(), cfb_start(), ctr_encrypt(), ctr_setiv(), ctr_start(), f8_encrypt(), f8_setiv(), f8_start(), f9_done(), f9_process(), lrw_process(), ofb_encrypt(), ofb_setiv(), omac_done(), omac_process(), pmac_process(), xcbc_done(), xcbc_init(), and xcbc_process().

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